Friday, July 03, 2009

Tiffany Blews (Dear Gravity...) Progress

If you're following me on twitter, you'll be privy to all sorts of things! Not just my inane chatter, but things like progress updates on the stuff I'm working on! Currently working on my Tiffany Blews print, the Sad Statue (Road Kamelot and Allen Walker with Maria cameo from D.Gray-man) print, and the sexy pinups of Gambit, Sephiroth, and Viral. Portraits are done and I made the edits to Smoke Rings. Man, this whole process is insane... I might go crazy doing all these prints. At least I won't have many to do for New York Anime Festival. By the way, I'm going to NYAF...

Follow the twitter for updates as well as live art streams. Because I totes do live streaming now.

For finished work, check CGHub and deviantART. Links in the sidebar!
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