Monday, July 20, 2009

Post-Otakon Art Wrap Up

Otakon was... a bit disappointing, sales-wise. Though it was great if you love the drama. Anyways, above are my two marker chibi examples. Pretty much all I did. I did get a $30 full body ink commission that I still haven't finished because I suffered some serious art fail on Sunday morning. I'll upload when I finish though. Planning to do more examples for my book soon though. Cutting down on examples and switching to the 11x17 book threw people off, I think. Also, need to apply some psych to my set up. Sharing because I'm awesome (and no one reads this).

1. Guys look up, girls look down. If a guy spots a half-naked man, he's more likely not to look further.
2. My originals are fairly gender neutral. Though apparently the smoke heart in Smoke Rings looks like a set of tits?! What the fuck, chick, you're just jealous that mine look better than yours...
3. Neonvom, it's what's for dinner (and short attention spans).
4. If it's there, people will keep looking.
5. Small merch will probably help sales. So will actually popular series and animu shits.
6. I should pass out at the table more often. People are less intimidated if I'm asleep. =_=
7. Music makes the world go 'round. Doesn't matter what it is so long as it has a good beat.

That's all I got fo now. Free things kicked ass, as did my trades with Dan, Ally, and Emi. Grace and Khel shall have trades next con. I'll make sure I have ones for you guys. Ummm, are you both going to NYAF or just Grace? Hmmm, must remember to ask...
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