Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Two Cups Into My Coffee Break...

Lots of stuff this time around, and mostly finished too! Amazing, right?
These are two Gurren Lagann prints I've been working on for Otakon. Yoko is done. Adiane should be finished soon but I'm taking a break so that I can work on my other prints. Namely, Gambit. I sort of want to get those flats done as soon as possible. Why?

This is the progress on my business card design/logo. I'm done now. It goes from bottom to top because I'm slow and didn't realize that it would upload this way. Oops? Whatevs.

What else, what else...? I'm plotting more sketch cards. For now though, I just have A Case Of The Mondays, Angie, and a Deer Boy that I'll be painting soon. I sort of want to make a cute little Deer Boy Munny because I'm a total fan, okay? Okay.
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