Saturday, May 23, 2009

Urban Vinyl Toys: The Beginning...

Somewhat recently(ish), I've gotten into the whole art of customizing vinyl toys, such as the sort you'd find at Kidrobot. So far, I've painted two: a Mini Munny and a 3" Dunny. Above are a few photos of both in my workspace, as well as mini photoshoots with the Mini Munny on South Street. For further info on both, as well as eventual purchasing (within the coming week, I should think), feel free to visit my Big Cartel shop. I'll continue posting these here until I upgrade my flickr account (which I might have kind of reached the upload limit on while making a massive dump of those concert photos...) and will link to my shop when they're to go up for sale. For more immediate updates (plus rambling, fangirling, and assorted nonsense), follow me on Twitter.
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