Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Original: Ameir Portrait

Just a link to the dA page this time, because I'm lazy. Click the title of the post for the link. It's a portrait of my Watcher character, Donovan Ameir Forrellis, otherwise simply known as Ameir. For randomness' sake, I'll post some bits of an IM with Grace, the owner of a certain Aidan, who is also a Watcher. If you want to know what went down, you'll have to join the forums here:

Grace: Ameir: *walks about from showers*
Grace: Aidan: "DEAR LORD, WHAT THE FUCK...?!!"
Grace: Beccah: "..."
Allie: Ameir: "... What...?"
Grace: Aidan: "... my .... eyes..."
Grace: Beccah: "..."
Allie: Ameir: "Are adorable. Point?"
Grace: Beccah: "Put some clothes on, or I will put you out on the street in the exact same state you are in now."
Grace: "That's right. Pantless."
Allie: Ameir: *sigh* "Yes, ma'am."
(Because I said the only way Ameir will let me draw him is naked. >.<;)

lol. It occurs to me.
Grace: Aidan is a virgin.
Allie: XD
Allie: As far as I know, Ameir is not. Unless he's been lying.
Grace: Not because he wants to be. But simply out of there having never been anyone.
Grace: ...
Grace: Ameir is so not.

Okay, I've gotten to the point where Ameir's considering either letting Aidan sleep, waking him up and maybe getting him to spar or something, or doing naughty things... and then asking him to spar.
Grace: doing naughty things to Aidan..>?!?!? DX<
Hahahaha! The reaction was totally worth it!
Allie: He was going to maybe give him a little kiss.
Allie: Because he's a hopeless romantic.
Allie: By which I mean I'm a hopeless romantic.
Grace: Or
Grace: A hopeless yaoi fangirl
Allie: Or that.
Allie: But so are you.
Grace: And btw, between those two
Grace: Aidan is so top
Allie: Uhhh, yeah!
Grace: lol
(Note: I don't think I could properly create and play a top. My male characters [at least as far as RPs go] all tend to be very go-with-the-flow.)

And yeah, lol. Aidan's a little homophobic.
Grace: But I think that's Ameir's fault.
(Note: Ehn, what can I say? Ameir's a very tactless uke.)

lol. I just always kinda pretend I'm Aidan and go with whatever is in my gut
Grace: Otherwise, I'd be playing me not Aidan
Grace: lol
Grace: 'Cuz if it were me
Grace: They'd be fucking on a training mat right now
Grace: >.>
Grace: XD
Allie: I have the urge to say "Your MOM dyes her hair like a girl!"
Allie: But, ummm, yeah. Ameir might actually not be okay with that. It'd ruin the chase.
Allie: Or, well, the purpose.
Grace: LOL
Allie: He might have to turn bi and go after someone else.
(This came from me saying how hard it was to come up with a reaction for Ameir. You'd know where it comes if you joined the forums and the RPG... >.>)


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