Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Masssive Art Dump!

Here's a fairly large dump of everything I've worked on since my last update. More or less.

First up, we have the finished, full version of this bookmark (titled Innocence Invocation), along with a random dynamic sketch of a conjurer in the middle of a jump (?!), and a quick paint test of the CG method I used for Innocence Invocation. I need to work on the technique and clean it up a lot, but I'll hopefully have it all worked out pretty soon.
Next is the sketch of Innocence Invocation and an WiP of the face. Yeah, I used color layers over a greyscale underpainting. Because... I'm cheap?
After that are the sketches if the pieces that will go to the winner of the Gaia group auction I did that Death card for way back in the summer. I'm hoping to finish those off within the week. Hoping...
Next is a little sampling of my chibis in the form of Tyki Mikk from D.Gray-man and my original character, Ameir, for the Shards of Aleysa RP I plan to get back into very shortly. Maybe within the week? Depends on how long it takes for the current goings-on to make it to the next day. XD
After that is a simple pose sketch. I never draw seated figures because I have so much trouble making them look natural. That still doesn't look entirely natural, but I think it's partly my color choice and heavily drawing through the figure...


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