Monday, October 22, 2007

Character Designs: The British Royal Air Force Sky Captains

This was an assignment for my Character Design and Layout class: design five character in the same uniform and label them. Here's my final product, five sky captains with the British Royal Air Force. If you click on the image, it should become big enough for you to read all the type. Although... I spelled Anne Marie's name wrong. >.<; Anyways, I also had to write up a profile for one character and chose Anthony. Here goes.

Name: Captain Anthony Revolo St. Peters
Age: 31
Sex: Male
Race: Caucasian
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 195 lbs
Religion: Roman Catholic
Occupation: head of the British Royal Air Force's 4th Peacekeepers Unit
Education: Bachelor's degree from Oxford and graduate with high honors from the Royal Air Force Academy
Appearance: very fair skinned with dirty blond hair; generally stands to full height; always has a pristine uniform and boots polished to a bright sheen; has a healed scar on his right shoulder from a bullet wound
Attitudes: prefers fighting the "gentlemen's way" to any other ad has a low regard for sloppiness; incredibly cocky; has a soft spot for Anne-Marie Barker, who helped save his life after a negotiation turned sour; smooth talker
Back Story: Anthony's father is a highly ranked and decorated war hero who wishes the same for his son. Though Anthony was expected to take up arms and fight on the battlefront, he found that his forte was smooth talking his way out of almost any situation. After graduating Oxford with a degree in civil law, he enrolled in the Royal Air Force Academy as his father wished. There he met Ofeliah Travis, for whom he has an intense dislike but does respect for the most part, and Evan Dantes, whom he has proclaimed himself unable to work with on several occasions, in his year. Eventually, Britain became entangled a war. Towards the end, he was sent to negotiate with Russia on the terms of the proposed truce. After a few days of bickering, some name calling, and a short scuffle, the Russian representative finally lost it completely and fired a shot at Anthony, screaming something about his mother and hitting him in the shoulder. Anthony passed out from the pain. When he awoke, he was on board the Medic & Evac Unit 2 airship under the care of Captain Anne-Marie Barker. He has since nursed a humble crush on her and often finds any reason to visit her while traveling to the various British territories.

My favorite color is ivory white because it's quite beautiful when kept clean and perfectly maintained.
When alone I like to thinking about Annie (Anne Marie) because she is the light of my life, the star in my night that I wish upon, and what get me through my long days of touring.
If I had a million dollars, I would invest about a third and give the rest to charity of Annie's suggestion. I really don't need it; my family has plenty.
I wish my mother had told me more about love. It's quite complicated.
I wish my father had told me a bit less about the military. Or perhaps more about war...
No one knows this but I'm madly in love with my lovely, voluptuous Annie. (Side note: Everyone knows, save Anne Marie, but no one says anything about it to his face.)
I am best at gentlemen's sports, like fencing. Hand me an epee and I will show you a most fantastic display!
I hate Ofeliah because she's so ungodly messy and a true brute of a woman. She should be more refined and lady-like.
The one thing I want people to know the most about me is that I am my own man, not simply my father's son.
When it comes to money I am never for want of it.
When it comes to love I have eyes for only my sweet Annie.
I like to wear clean and pristine white uniforms.
The first thing I do in the mornings is shine my boots and press the day's uniform.
I want to marry Annie, become highly decorated, retire to a Italian palazzo or something like that, and do whatever I have a whim to do. You know, the usual.


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