Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Commission Prices and Information

I reserve the right to include anything done in my portfolio or include it in a demo reel, with credit to you for any original characters. I will not sell prints without your prior consent.

Price Listings

Pencil Sketch: $8
Shaded Pencil Sketch: $10
B&W Ink: $15
CG: $20
Traditional Color: $25

Pencil Sketch: $10-15
Shaded Pencil Sketch: $10-20
B&W Ink: $15-25
CG: $20-30
Traditional Color: $25-35

Pencil Sketch: $15-25
Shaded Pencil Sketch: $20-30
B&W Ink: $20-35
CG: $25-45
Traditional Color: $30-50

Half Body
Pencil Sketch: $20-40
Shaded Pencil Sketch: $30-50
B&W Ink: $25-40
CG: $35-60
Traditional Color: $35-60

Full Body
Pencil Sketch: $25-40
Shaded Pencil Sketch: $25-45
B&W Ink: $30-50
CG: $45-60
Traditional Color: $50-70

Additional Characters: $5-50 each
Simple Border: $5-30
Complex Border: $10-40
Simple Background: $15-40+
Complex Backgrounds: $25-60+

Character Turnarounds
These are full bodies in a neutral pose showing up to four (more are negotiable) views of the character. At least one view will be in full color. Only one character per sheet. Medium is generally digital (inked and colored in Flash, edited in Photoshop) but can be decided via email. Price varies by character complexity.
Price Range: $60-180+

Character Expression Sheet
This is a page of sketches (this is negotiable) of different expressions for any one character. The page will have at least three basic expression but no more than ten. CG or traditional color can be added for $10 per expression.
Price Range: $30-100+

Simple Character Animation
This is any one simple character action, such as a short lip synch, walking, simple acting, or change in expression, done in Flash. Price depends on character complexity, how much of the character is shown, what action is chosen (a lip synch will cost more than a walk cycle because of the nature of lip synching), whether the action loops or not, and duration. Duration will only be up to 20 seconds. Sound is not an option, save for the case of a lip synch. If you purchase this, you will be sent a high quality file of the extension of your choosing (swf, avi, mov, dv, et cetera) via email or a CD-R disc sent by mail. The original Flash file will not be sent.
Price Range: $80-200+

The Process of Ordering
1. Email me at or send me a note on deviantART (sometimesusually) with references and at least some idea of what you would like. Please allow up to one week for a reply.
2. Once conversation about the commission has been had and a price has been agreed upon, send at least half of the agree-upon price via Paypal to Once I see that I have received this money and it has cleared, I will begin preliminary sketches. This deposit will not be refunded if I have begun work on the actual piece. If you decide to back out once I have begun work on the actual piece, I reserve the right to sell prints, giving you credit for any original characters.
3. Within a day to two weeks, I will have sent you at least one sketch, most likely a small one to work on details, for your approval. Please reply as quickly as possible so that I may begin work on the final piece. I will not begin working without this approval. If you have any changes you would like to make, please let me know at this stage.
4. I will send or at least post in-progress scans while working. If any changes are asked for during this time, each will cost up to 25% of the full cost of the commission after the first major alteration. Smaller alterations are up to 10% each after the first three.
5. Once I have completed your commission, I will email you with a low resolution (50-72 dpi) scan/screenshot of the finished piece and ask for the remainder of the payment. Once I have received this, I will send either a high resolution (300+ dpi) scan/image, the original/a quality print (for CG commissions only), or data disc. If the original, a print, or data disc is sent, I will give you price quotes from up to three shipping services or you can tell me your preferred shipping service. Please choose the one that best suits your needs and include that amount in the final payment. All my prices include USPS domestic First Class shipping.

Wills and Won'ts
Will Definitely Do: original characters, avatars, fan characters, fanart (for headshots, busts, half-ups, and full bodies only), homosexuality, heterosexuality, artistic nudity, pretty much anything not listed below.
Will NEVER Do: flat-out pornography, anything decidedly sexual involving a character under the age of 18 (such as wanking, sex, and full nudity), disturbing "shock value" material.
Can Be Persuaded: anthropomorphic characters, animals.

If you'd like to ask any questions or request something in particular that is not listed here, feel free to email me:

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