Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Art, New Merch!

Today was, apparently, Arts & Crafts Day. I decided, once it wasn't quite so hot as balls, to print and test out some shrinky dink I snagged at Blick (art store chain). So I did. I took the Fall Out Boy chibis that seemed so well received (admittedly, by friends & fans so maybe it doesn't count) and the Plaguey concept, along with my logos to fill some space. The results are what you see above. They should be in my store soon but I'm doing an unofficial pre-order type thing now for them. Let me know in a comment or Twitter @reply or DM or (if you're privvy to such things) an IM or email that you want one and your name & order shall be added to my magical list. They'll be $4 shipped (and by shipped, I mean sent in an envelope with some stickers and a business card). If you want some extra special treatment, for an extra $1, I'll add a tiny bit of chainmaille to it (see second picture). Why is it extra? Those are goddamned tiny rings, okay? Tiny. They make my fingers hurt after a while.
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