Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sketch Cards

So, I've been doing these sketch cards for, like, three days for absolutely no reason. I've got three right now and I'm working on more. They're in the order I did them, actually.

First is Emo Boy, whose speech bubble now has appropriately emo lyrics (from the hidden spoken word track part of "...but home is nowhere" from AFI's Sing The Sorrow).

Second is this... Audrey II (Little Shop Of Horrors) thing. I don't know, really I don't.

Third are my newest characters, Bear Thing and Squishy from the Tiffany Blews print. Bear Thing is a robot companion who doesn't really do much of anything. He was designed to be a protector but, well, he's not very fast and can only waddle. He's not going to do a good job of protecting anything. The bear suit is meant to make him look deceptively cute. Squishy is meant to alert him to potential threats, but all he does is sleep on people. He's very bad at his job. Perhaps it has something to do with the butterfly bandage on his forehead... (Toys forthcoming?)

Anyways, I'll be (attempting to) paint these tomorrow so I'll either have scans or digital version then. For now... Adieu.
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