Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Emma Frost Portrait

Oh, hey, look, this has absolutely nothing to do with vinyl toys! What a shock! Anyways, this is a portrait of Emma Frost, also know as the White Queen, of X-Men fame. Now, you may be wondering why on Earth I did a portrait of Emma instead of, say, finishing my Gambit print. Quite simply. As Grace so loving put it, I am a fangirl. This is a (belated) birthday gift for Andy Hurley, the drummer of Fall Out Boy. Sad? Maybe. Still pretty nice, all things considered? I like to think so. Now to plot for Pete's birthday... XD Comment on it either here or on deviantART.

Edit: (from a tweet of mine) "OH MY FUCKING GOD, HE LIKES IT! I IS DEAD NAO, OKAY!? OKAY!" By the way, really tempted to tweet the following: "Hey, @mikeyway, he likes it! :D"
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