Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Long Time, No Post!

Yeah, so, been a while hasn't it? Been very much tied up with school work (and Twitter) and neglecting to post things here. Because, believe it or not, I've been sketching a pretty fair amount. Not a page a day, but something. Been working on my thesis, as well as an entry for the Dominance War mini-challenge. I'll post that later. In the mean time, have some sketches from my thesis.
First is Cheshire(Chester)'s final-ish design. I don't know about the fur, only because fur/hair's a bitch in Maya. Will, if I go with it, do simplified, stylized hair/fur for everyone.
Second and fourth are the Mad Hatter(Pierrot) designs. I'm making him fairly minimalist and simple. I think it adds to his murderous intentions a bit, makes them more... simple and child-like.
Third is Elle. Yes, her shirt is a reference to Fall Out Boy's "Pavlove". I was on a bit of a FOB kick and her shirt was way too empty. We'll see if I get sued for it later. >.<
Finally, we have the overhead map. You know the Labyrinth that Bastille takes place in? This is, essentially, the entrance hall. I need to pencil in the smaller pathways on the one side, but otherwise this is it. The entirety of the labyrinth is actually mirrored but slightly different. It just works out better for my sanity that way.
So yeah! Update! Shall have a massive sketch dump after doing some scanning and uploading. Maybe tonight or tomorrow?

PS: An idea that didn't make the cut: assassins controlled by Queenie who chase down Elle. Decided I did not want to deal with Queenie at all.
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