Monday, January 19, 2009

Touch it, bring it, pay it, watch it, burn it, leave it, stop. Format it.

So, makin' another post after a wonderfully exciting day spent mostly in my bed doodling and listening/watching Cobra Starship's stickam (more fun than it sounds, swears). Here, have the fruits (well, the ones by me) of my labor.

1. Scrapped sketch of Elle and Chester
2. Doodling of Queenie's Assassins, who don't yet have a formal name. Inspired by the paintings of Michael Hussar and fetish wear. That thing behind with the WTF chat? That'd be Cobra Starship's stickam. XD
3. Random guy drawn from memory, mostly of Gabe Saporta and various models. ... What?
4. Random demon guy, but I likes him so he stays. I'll be sprucing up those sad excuses for wings and making this a print. Also, more CS stickam.
5. Random warmup-ish doodles. Something that sort of became the Kid/00.05 from Umbrella Academy, a doodle inspired by CS songs, me seeing if my chibis would work as 3D models (lol, no, but I'll be shifting things around and tweaking because that style looks more disarmingly innocent), random hand sketch (which I will be using for 3D chibi concoctions), random eye ('cause I like semi-00.05's), and assorted off-hand pose sketches.

The end, run away now, kids.

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  1. o.O I finally got your link working. It didnt work for like.. FOREVER in my "websites" thing. Huzzah! Keep posting.