Tuesday, December 30, 2008

When you gonna ring it?

Geez, so many posts so fast! Hanging out with the con family sure has jump started productivity. I just wish I could, you know, come up with a story for my animations. >.> Anyways, this is my version of Death and the Maiden. Death and the Maiden, you wonder, wasn't that a CGHub challenge from, like, a month ago? Why the heck are you doing something with it now, you crazy? Simple. I liked my idea and wanted to do something with it but didn't have the time for the challenge. So I'm doing a print in time for Katsucon. At least, that's the plan. I actually need to do a fair amount of original art to get even remotely close to the fanart policy ratio. Damnable chibis heavily tipping the scales! Though that verititable little army has made me a nice bit of change... Anyways. Death and the Maiden. Next step shall be final sketch and greyscale painting. ... SUPAH BUSTLE, AWAY! XD


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