Sunday, December 07, 2008

Oh goodness...

I kind of forgot I had a 3D modeling class and thus have about one month's worth of random modeling shit to catch up on overnight. That said, I'll be damned if I have to do it all in Form Z, which is 'tarded to the extreme (and makes excessive use of the letter 'z', which we all know went out in the 90's with all other forms of forcing xtreme on things). So! I'm using a combination of Maya and Z Brush, something I've only played with briefly. For this project, a pair of ring studies, I'm going Maya heavy. The one above is called "The Thorns Around My Heart", because I'd been drawing trees, which made me have an emo moment and designate a heart tree as one of my other projects, which led to further emo and thus this. ... Shut up, Grace (you're the only one who reads this blog and calls me emo, at least). So yeah. Mental ray and final gather's on with a pair of tweaked blinns for materials. Renders in under a minute. Not turning on caustics or global illumination. Oh fuck no. Maybe for a final beauty render or whatever you call it. Now, I'm gonna go extrude the other three bramble-y-mo-bobs then make rooty-things along the shank-a-ma-callit. ... No, I didn't learn a ton in this class, except that the back stairs in Anderson (which are actually in the front) are incredibly convenient when I'm late-ish. Which is often.

PS: The second ring is significantly easier and mirrorable. Thank god. The heart tree, however, is not. Awww... Why is the emo so hard? T.T


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