Friday, December 26, 2008

A glazed medic, usin' no anesthetic...

I actually had this whole long post last night but lost it. I forget how. Anywho, spurred on by seeing progress shots of Grace's centaur, I decided to take one of my sketches from that dump a bit ago (his current name is Night Surgeon, inspired by the song of the same name from Repo!) and color it, starting with tones. Ummm... my tones need work. The other thing is a crappy doodle done in Sketchbook Pro (which is amazing and I need to play with more). Ummm... enjoy! I'll be doing more work on that quick painting. I'm, ummm, 1-2 hours in? Don't know. But I tried to stay loose! I like it. Makes hair hard though... Hrrm... Yeah, enough of my rambling. Gonna add color now. And maybe work on my gift exchanges, oops!

Things coming over break! Concepts and storyboards for my next animation(s), portraits of my Bastille OCs, portrait of hiritai's Andrew, a finished Death and the Maiden from an earlier CGHub drawing jam, artbook things (?), and prints for the con season. Hooray for not-break?


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