Sunday, November 23, 2008

More Animation Junk

Just two things this time. My finished (and rigged, but you can't see it) Corgi and set (no background) from a ridiculously high angle, final render settings, no caustics or global illumination because they took too long and looked like crap respectively. Time to render this: 19 seconds. Damn, sometimes I'm good... Just one thing. Does it look enough like night yet? >.< Here's my remaining to-do list for this piece.
-finish blocking (tomorrow/today's task)
-animated like some kind of retarded fool-of-a-Took ('cause I am)
-paint skin weights
-paint the Corgi's eyes (because they're creepy right now)
-quickly repaint my background and the portrait for the picture frame one of these nights
-find a render farm I can use (for free!) and use the shit out of it/share the lab as a render farm with Adriel ._.;
-do the tiny bit of compositing and render that, burn to DVD/print to DV/backup in fifty million formats
-die at crits (it's more dramatic that way)


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