Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sketch Dump Time!

DA Version Here

So, I'm finally posting my sketch dump! Huzzah! Here's the write-up, copy-pasted from the DA post I just made but including one more like. Because DA was gay and threw in a smiley... >.> Also, I think I just may have a thing for 'hawks. 'Hawks of all shapes and sizes... Anyways!

1+3: This is one of the characters from my animation this semester, Dapper Skeleton. I'll be uploading a 3D turnaround of him once I get him tweaked to my satisfaction and all that.

2: Concepts for another original character, The Thief. He's a cutie, and a witty one to boot. Hopefully, I'll work out the kinks in the comic he's in and you'll see it one day.

4: Brand spankin' new character I came up with last week, due to repetition of the Repo! soundtrack. ... A lot of repetition. His name is... Night Surgeon. No, I haven't come up with something better yet.

5: Yet another original character, Elle. I'm in the process of redesigning her hair. XD But I was on the way to school and I was listening to Metric's "I.O.U." and this happened. Yes, I do realize she looks like that one concept painting of Kairi from the first KH game. No, it wasn't intentional. Elle's got more spunk and a fouler mouth.

6: Random trolley doodle. Not really brought on by much... Yeah...

7: Yet another OC, Queenie. In, like, not quite but close-ish lolita. Holding a bloody heart. It's not Donovan's? >.> No, it doesn't make any sense.

8: Semi-quick outfit design for one of Melissa/Mooshu's's characters, but I forget her name. The Axel hair was entirely intentional. As was the underboob and lack of real clothing. Done in Borders.

9: Random trolley doodle inspired by Machine Head's "Davidian", despite the fact that I hadn't listened to it in ages. Oh wll, looks cool...

10: More Queenie doodles. I was working on her face and making it masculinely effeminate. I think I failed a little, by I like how it came out.

11: Random spy doodle. Nothing else to say about it.

12: Redesign of a character I created a while ago. Originally, she was an interstellar DJ who doubled as a dispatcher for underground mercenaries. Now she's just the dispatcher for the post-apocalyptic couriers those mercenaries became.

13: Random succubus. ._.;

14: Another random spy doodle. This one actually came first. Done in my Film Noir class, hence the notes on Detour surrounding her. XD

I've done more since the massive scanning and I should have 3D turnarounds (untextured for the moment) of my characters eventually. So expect more. Also, I'll have another story soon enough. Yeah... I can smell the not caring from here... T.T

Quick edit to add my crappy production still that totally isn't a production still. >.>


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