Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Dump: Sometimes, I Do Things

So, I've actually sketched quite a lot since my last update. First up, a "quick" portrait of Gaia's krunkkid's character, Meshi. It was fun but I have SOOOOOOO far to go on painting skin. Second is an adorable little chibi of Grace/fongmingyun's character Rivek, done for chibi practice and because I owe Con Mommy. Lastly, a finished(?) background from the PFF trailer project. We... placed last. T.T And you can't even see most of the work we put in. But, well, we did our best and went with
something we knew would most likely not win... We tried. This is depressing, MOAR HAPPY!

As for things on DA, we've got qXc Round 3, The Drow Queen (finished), Karudaberi Jam, qXc Round 2.


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