Saturday, March 01, 2008


I've been picking diligently away at various projects: con prep, a liberal arts project I'm using as a print making front (>.<), animation project (which I might also make prints from, since I'm painting things for it), and whatever other homework I have. So, here's a quick sketch dump.

The first is an Avatar: the Last Airbender style sketch of my character Annette. She'd definitely be Fire Nation, but I'm not sure if she'd be a bender. Her job would probably upgrade to personal bodyguard though. Maybe for Zuko? XD Personality and trigger-happiness would remain unchanged.
Second is a quick little Photoshop doodle done with Grace's tablet. I'm waiting for my new one to arrive, since the old one died.
Third is the last page of a storyboarding assignment to make a cereal commercial. There's this ridiculous milk tidal wave sequence that any animator would kill me for making. >.<
Fourth is a WiP of a painting I'm working on. Hoping to have it done as a print very soon. Hooray for elven queens?
Lastly is some pchat crap done on the Cintiq at school. Honestly, given a choice between a Cintiq and an Intuos, I'd probably pick the Intuos. The Cintiq is just too big and nowhere near portable. There's also a discrepancy between where you physically have the point and where the cursor is on screen. But doing the colors was so, so, so easy! Ah well, there's one at school so I'm set if I ever feel the need to use it again.


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