Saturday, September 01, 2007

High Fantasy, Whut?

So yeah. Did a bit of high fantasy from a possible client, which is why there are watermarks (I'm generally too lazy to use them). One is an assassin waiting in some sort of underground cathedral or something. I don't know. Have I ever made very much sense when it comes to these things? The other is a hell hound. It started out like as s sphinx but I wasn't feeling the leonine mane and went down the chimera route with a lynx-inspired chassis. Then while I was sketching in the tail, I changed my mind and made it demonic with a dash of hyena. I suppose it would be a summon of some sort for a dark wizard. One of those ones that's just on the border-line of being uncontrollable. I think I'll call him Charles Morris David III, or Chuck Mo Dee for short. Enjoy.


  1. High fantasy is a theoretical realm o time and space! ... Or medieval time setting with fantastical elements, like elves, demons, wizards... All that good stuff.